Short Bio
The author has used two pseudonyms Benedict Downing and Edmund Dempsey. Benedict Downing was used from 2011–2018, and Edmund Dempsey from 2018–Present. He writes fiction and poetry.  He joined local community reading circles, workshops, college literary groups, and ventured into his own.  Has published fiction and poetry on literary journals and magazines.  


A Barefoot Attachment — Belleville Park Pages, Issue 29, (2014)
A Fire to Keep — Belleville Park Pages, 13 Dec 2014
Don't Call Me — Crack the Spine, Issue 149, 2015
We Are the Ones That Forgot To Speak — Sentinel Quarterly, July–Sep 2015
Victorian Newsclip — Sentinel Quarterly, Oct–Dec 2015
The Hidden Drop — Poetry Life and Times, Mar 22 2015
Muffled Sighs — Danse Macabre, Apr 14 2015
A Day Out — New Plains Review, University of Central Oklahoma, Spring 2015.
In the Tumble, Bedsheets Roll a Burn-Through Sting — Poetry Life and Times, September 2015.
Flashbird, The Snared Chosen Edge — Burningword Literary Journal: Issue 82, Apr 2017
The Rinds — Hollins Critic: Vol. 57, No. 2, April 2020
Middle of the Road — Hiram Poetry Review: Issue 82, Spring Issue, May 2021